The landmark of the town is the “Cabrera tower”, built in the 15th century to defend the town from pirate attacks.

The tower was distroied during an earthquake at the end of the 1600’s. It was reconstructed and today is a national monument restored in the 1990’s and is today open to the public.

Another point of interest is the “Cappella” (chapel) of Santa Maria della pieta famous for its detailed internal décor; its basement has a macabre appeal due to its “pit of death” used for capital punishment.

I Luoghi di Montalbano

Dall’ufficio del ragioniere Gargano, ambientato a Ragusa Ibla, alla piazza principale di Vigata, in realtà piazza Duomo ad Ibla. Dalle grotte delle Trabacche, fuori Ragusa, nell’episodio “Il cane di terracotta”, al palazzo comunale di Modica, usato per ambientare il Commissariato di Vigata. Ed ancora, Marzamemi, Scicli, e Punta Secca, dove c’é la casa di Montalbano.


A trip through the heart of the Sicilian baroque.

The city of Modica, 15 kilometers (8 miles) from Pozzallo, is a gem of the Val di Noto.
To experience Modica is like entering a dream, completely surrounded by the splendid creations of man. It’s a city to discover as one passes through renowned and picturesque antique cantinas, grand palaces, and splendid churches. The grand “duomo” is not to be missed.


A taste of the Caribbean oasis.

Calamosche is 30 minutes away from Pozzallo and is a beach resembling the carribean. The beach of Calamosche is nestled between the archeological sites of Eloro and the protected reserve of Vendicari. In 2005, it was noted and titled in the Guida Blu di Legambiente as the “The most beautiful beach in Italy”.

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla is a part of Ragusa. The architecture of the churches and the palaces of Ragusa Ibla are Baroque in style. Ibla even though it is very antique, was reconstructed after an earthquake at the end of the 1600’s.

So the most antique constructions, which we admire today, are from the 1700’s. For this reason, the style we see in Ibla today is baroque. Otherwise, the style would have remained of that preceding the earthquake. Nonetheless, Ibla is in a beautiful city and has been declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


a world A world behind the corner.

The Island of Malta is 90 minutes away from the port of Pozzallo. The island is very well connected and has many daily service charters between Sicily and Malta.

Situated in the center of the Mediterranean, Malta has been the homeland of many diverse European, north African, and Asian cultures than have together contributed to the antique civilizations and to the island’s formation. Thanks to its geographic position, Malta was a crossroad of naval navigators, mariners, adventurers, warriors, and now, open for all to discover.

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